A downloadable game for Windows

Clockmare is a mini horror maze game for CGD game jam. You play as Marco and you need to find and save your girlfriend from a supernatural entity. 

Made withUnity, Blender
TagsHorror, maze
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Click on clockmare,exe to play




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It’s a good game. Super creepy and that girl really freaked me out.
Turns I hate to be chased no matter the format or style of the game.

Is it possible too complete it? I went in every room in the house without finding my girlfriend. 

Good job on this :)

I don't this game can be completed, I do not know if that is part of the mechanic or it is a bug but I was very detailed :

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

This was genuinely scary!!! I love the 3rd person perspective but there were a few issues I came up against. The camera sometimes screwed me up, and the doors didn't always open when you wanted them to. Plus, I couldn't complete it which is always upsetting, I had fun trying though!!

OHH good!

thank you for playing :)

hi, big thx for the cool game :) greetings from rosti

thank you also for playing!

Love this game. Maybe it's just me, but it gives me some clocktower vibes and I love it. Congrats to put such good game on this gamejam. Congrats and i am looking foward for your new games :)

btw, here us my video

thanks! I recently submit a new small game for another game jam. Please check my page!

Just because it's in my Rage Quitting Section, does not mean that it's a bad game. This one is good, It's just me that does not have the patience. Good stuff. I still had a good time. Made you a video: 

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thank you for playing :) Someday, I will revisit clockmare and make a proper game out of it. 

Hell yeah! < 3

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


thanks for playing!

This game has potential. There were some glitches/bugs that made it difficult to progress. But I like the concept. Keep up the good work!

thanks for the feedback! Yah lots of broken features. I'm learning unity while making this and there are some things that I just couldn't figure out :) Need to learn more! 

pretty broken :) but A for effort

thanks for the feedback!